Another Test Post

yes it is Simon. He is a good bear. :) 

strength. “We can lift a car off somebody,” he says. “Watch this.” He picks up a chair and holds it over his head. “I’m Hercules!” He says. 

I’m impressed. But one day I see lights and run my bike into a ditch full of sticks. 

The doctor says, ”You gotta stop eating road salt. It’s drying out your brain.” 

“My friend’s been eating it forever and he’s okay,” I say and squint like Clint Eastwood because I don’t know if he’s a good doctor. 

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Cats are trouble

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Poker Shark

I was a poker shark when I was a kid. I was proud of my abilities. “I’m like Batman with poker," I said to my friend Doug, who was crazy.

"Batman didn't play Poker," said Doug.

"It's a metaphor."

"Whatever. If you're so good, let's see the money. I want to stick it in my pants.”

"He he. I know."

“Anyway, I can’t show you the money now. It’s in pennies.”

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How to not be Donald Trump.

A client-friend asked me recently if Donald Trump was charismatic. That question caught me off guard and I was taken aback. I can’t see why anyone would support Trump. The guy embodies everything I teach against at Charisma Arts. He lies. He insults. He panders. He needs constant approval.

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Star Wars

I saw the original Star Wars movie in the theater when it came out in 1977.

That was a tough year for my family. My grandmother had passed away and a few months later, my Aunt, who was the matriarch of our family, was killed in a car crash.

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