How to not be Donald Trump.

A client-friend asked me recently if Donald Trump was charismatic. That question caught me off guard and I was taken aback. I can’t see why anyone would support Trump. The guy embodies everything I teach against at Charisma Arts. He lies. He insults. He panders. He needs constant approval.

I wanted to grab my client-friend’s lapels and shout in his face, “Are you kidding me with this question? If Donald Trump didn’t have his father’s money to burn through he’d spending his days wearing a Pepsi belt buckle and trying to pick up women at a Wendy’s in Syracuse! Go back and get me a real question about charisma!”

But then I calmed down, did some French Yoga™ (this means drinking coffee, eating a croissant and pretending to smoke a cigarette) and got to thinking.

The Trump question is a fair one. After all he has more Twitter followers than me. The people at his rallies believe in him. I overheard one guy saying, “He’s not perfect, but he’s my champion.”

I learned street performing from a guy named Tommy
Tropic who I think is a brilliant person. Tommy never used a microphone. I asked him about this one day.

“Don’t you think if you used a mic you could reach your crowd better?”

“That’s a good question,” said Tommy. “But the truth is, those people in the back aren’t going to tip anyway.”

Made a lot of sense. Don’t try too hard to reach the back. Play to your base and let people come to you. Tommy was brilliant!

And Trump does this like nobody before. He doesn’t just play to his base. He merges with his base. He’s one of them.

There was a popular theory that came out years ago called mirroring. This is the idea that we like people who are like us and if you want someone to like you, you should take on the posture and mannerisms of the people you are with. The idea is that subconsciously people will just like you because you seem like them.